Each business has various criteria for choosing suppliers.  At BII we protect the following values, norms and standards:

Professionalism and Expertise

Theory and empty talk are worthless when it comes to implementation. We bring the experience to do what needs to be done. The world of business intelligence is rapidly evolving with the developments of IT possibilities. BII Consulting follows the recognized industry trends, but we go way beyond that as well. We support our clients in development of new business opportunities based on real time market and business knowledge. We constantly learn and improve with the ambition to stay as a business intelligence partner to our client for the long haul.

Open Minds

Stagnation is death in business. Only a fresh, open minded individual will innovate. We, as outside experts, can be that fresh perspective who will dare to show alternatives to our clients.

Client Focus

Every client is unique, with a specific industry position, market knowledge, business model, and management culture. We listen to our clients. Because of that, we deliver best fitting solutions for their business.

Honesty and Reliability

Cliché or not, without trust, there’s nothing. This is true for all of life, not just business. We are transparent and honest with our clients, and because of that they know they can rely on us to give them the intelligence they need.


Since the turn of the millennium our expertise has been very closely tied to Cognos software. With the IBM acquisition of Cognos our path to partnering with IBM became obvious way to succeed and grow.

Today we are proud IBM Business Partner and our focus has become mastering continuously growing Business Analytics software portfolio as well as some other IBM products that complement our expertise such as DataStage and Netezza.