BII ModulusSM by BII Consulting increases the speed to migrate your IBM Cognos Series 7 Impromptu reports to IBM Cognos 8 or IBM Cognos 10. This solution migrates report objects, prompts and expressions that are not included with the native migration tools from IBM Cognos that would have to be manually corrected or recreated.

Dramatically reduce the time to migrate your IBM Cognos Series 7 environment.

Clients have saved as much as 50% from quotes by service providers. BII Consulting can help you migrate to IBM Cognos 8, or directly to IBM Cognos 10, to take advantage of the latest features.

Properly replicated fonts and styles, or updated to IBM Cognos 8 or IBM Cognos 10 fonts and styles
Headers and footers correctly replicated, or apply new “Standard” header/footers
Migrate missing objects and fix incorrectly translated objects and functions
Removal of extra text and objects created by IBM’s native migration tool


With BII ModulusSM by BII Consulting, your reports display and function properly.

By migrating your IBM Cognos Series 7 environment with BII Consulting your final reports will more accurately reflect the original formatting and function. IBM’s native migration tools convert approximately 80% of formatting and functions from IBM Cognos Series 7. Some objects are incorrectly formatted and some are completely missed by the native tool.

Features of BII ModulusSM by BII Consulting


  • Standard styles to report objects
  • Missing File Picklist prompts to report prompt page
  • Missing "ALL" option to multi-select prompt objects and default selections to any prompt object
  • Missing sorting to one or more query items in a list/crosstab report object


  • Page headers and footers with standard header and footers
  • Incorrectly mapped database functions and report functions


  • Clients can reorganize the Framework Model(s) generated from converting Impromptu catalog(s).
  • BII Modulus will then re-map original catalog object references in the reports to the redesigned Framework Model object references.


  • Empty objects
  • Erroneous expressions
  • Incorrectly applied page headers/footers and page formatting


  • The .IMR files prior to migration
  • List report syntax so it displays correctly in Cognos Connection
  • Data Item reference syntax


  • To assist in an Assessment Phase, prior to migration, BII Modulus will analyze existing reports and generate a list of potential problems.
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Note: All listed functions are optional and are used based on the unique needs of each client and report set. For example, unique “standard header/footer” formats can be quickly and easily updated for different report sets, such as for business units with unique branding.