Ralph Kimball is an author on the subject of data warehousing and business intelligence. He is widely regarded as one of the original architects of data warehousing and is known for long-term convictions that data warehouses must be designed to be understandable and fast. His methodology, also known as dimensional modeling or the Kimball methodology, has become the de facto standard in the area of decision support.

Our architects follow Kimball's methodology and have participated in many data mart projects where they could demonstrate their expertise in data modeling.
If you are serious about Business Intelligence and understand the importance of

  • simple navigation
  • excellent performance
  • data consistency
  • data reliability
  • cross functional reporting

You must understand the benefits of building data mart(s). In that case you are on the right page. Majority of our projects involves building both Data Marts and Business Intelligence layer which means Bii Consulting has the first hand expertise to combine data marts with IBM Cognos platform and deliver fast, reliable, scalable and exciting solutions.